Sunday, May 10, 2015


      Looking back on the past nine months I wish I did more. Yeah, our project never worked out and yeah, Mr. Provenzano told us it was okay but I just feel like I should have pushed that much harder and maybe it would have worked out. I was given an amazing opportunity and I should have tired harder to make it happen. 

        However, I do not believe my actions were the main reason this did not work out for Lucy and I. We both tried several times to make it work but I guess it was just not possible for St. John to let us have our program at their hospital. One thing I wish I could change, is not waiting 4 months, doing completely nothing for an answer on whether or not we could do our project. Lucy and I both got our hopes up thinking the project would work at St. John but they left us hanging with high hopes for about 4 whole months and then they decided to tell us it was not going to work out. That is what makes me the most mad is that I wish they would have broke the news to us sooner and then Lucy and I could have maybe had more success and a different hospital. It was no ones faults for what happened, I just honestly wish I would have tried harder and done more. Another thing, I do NOT want Lucy to think she let me down. She worked just as hard on this project as I did, if not, even harder. She wanted this to work so badly and shes bummed it turned out the way it did. I just hope she realizes she is not a failure and didn't let me down. It was a sucky situation in the end which up set both of us. But all we can do now is look at the bright side, think of the lessons learned, and maybe even try again later on. Every thing happens for a reason maybe it just was not the right time for this to happen. We just have to keep telling ourselves it is okay to fail. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

blog 12

     A couple weeks ago Lucy and I received  some news that we both were very upset about. We were told that the program was not going to work out and there was not any way for us to do it at St. John. We were bummed. Not only upset that they turned us down, but upset at the fact that we are so late in the game and there is no way to try somewhere else. We just wished we would have known from the start, because the past couple months have felt like a waste of time. We felt like we failed. However, our teacher told us not to look at it like a failure, and just think about how much we accomplished and learn just by doing this. "Failure is an option!!"

      So now its time for Lucy and I to talk about what we have learned through this experienced. These next couple weeks will be time for Lucy and I to reflect on this experience thus far and talk about what it has taught us.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Eleven

So last Friday, Lucy and I went the the Cancer Center at St. John and met in person with our mentor Jessica to see where the project stands at the hospital. She told us she is still waiting to hear from the head social worker at Saint John, Arlene. Shes the one that we need to approve our idea. So now it is just a waiting game. 
In the mean time, Lucy and I have been thinking of other back up plans just incase it doesnt work out at St. John. We have the idea of a few other hospitals, or even the thought of running the program through school. Our mentor Jessica gave us the idea of talking to the social worker at our school. So that gives us a few other options on what to do. I just personally hope for our first idea to work out but if not, at least we have a backup plan. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blog 10

With still no response from our metor Jessica, Lucy and I have gotten very antsy when it comes to working on 20Time. We talked to Mr. Provenzano about what our next step should be considering we haven't heard anything from the hospital in about two weeks. We emailed Jessica again to set up another time to meet with her. Hoping that this does all work out and we can start soon. But the end of the year is coming closer and with still no program started, Lucy and I have been looking at different hospitals to start the program at. Of course the Children's Cancer Center and St. John is our first choice, we may have to come up with a plan B if this doesn't get started soon. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog #9

Still no response from the social working Jessica. Lucy has emailed her more than once and still she has not gotten back to us. Everything is already planned out now we are just waiting for approval from the Hospital. All Lucy and I can do now is wait, and try to plan ahead as much as possible. There isn't much for us to do up until the approval, we have been thinking about advertising, which we have gotten lots of responses from friends and classmates that want to help out.  I just hope all this planning pays off and we can get approval soon so we can start sooner rather than later!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Post Eight

 On Friday in class Lucy and I emailed the social worker at the hospital just with answers to some of her questions reguarding details. We had to figure out how many people we want to help volunteer and also how many patients we would like to incorporate in the program.While we were working in class, a few of our classmates said that they would love to help volunteer and be a part of meeting and hanging out with the patients. It feels good to know that people like the idea and want to help and be a part of the program. This makes me even ore excited to get the go. Progress is being made but I'm ready to make that big next step. Mid-Winter break is next week and that gives Lucy and time to possibly meet up with some of the workers at the hospital and talk about advertising and getting the word out. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blog Seven

Now that all the stress of Midterm week is finally over, I have a lot more time to work on my project. I have been giving the project a lot of thought. Just because Lucy and I have experienced a few hold backs, it does not mean we still can't work on the project. I have been thinking about everything going in to the program, such as where it is, when it is, and most importantly what it will be and what will be offered. This is when the project gets fun, Lucy and I can put together all the activities and brainstorm all the ideas of what we can do with the patients. While we are waiting to be approved, we are really trying to have everything set so we can start as soon as it is possible.