Sunday, January 11, 2015

5th Blog Post

Unfortunatley not much progress was made over break. Lucy and I have had trouble contacting our mentor Jessica with all of information. I guess this is the part where we have to be pateient because all we can do is wait. There is a lot of people that have to pass our idea, so we are just hoping that once we reach Jessica again we can start making this idea come to life. Once the program gets up and running we will have a lot more to write about. But waiting this long has made me realize how eagar I am to start.
A couple weeks ago I visited my family friend in the hospital. She is 14 years old and has several very serious autoimmune diseases. She has been sick for a while, she stays at the U of M Childrens Hosptial in Ann Arbor. We just talked and got to hang out in her room for an hour or so just to get her mind off everything in the hospital. Later that night, she was telling me how they do this youth program at the hospital once a week for all the kid patients interested. They all get together, play games and just enjoy the night. My friend was telling me how that was her very favorite thing to do at the hosptial. She counted down the days for that night. Hearing her talk about this made me really excited because its just like what Lucy and I want to do. And seeing how excited she was about it made me really happy because thats exactly why I wanted to start this program in the first place. I hope eventually Lucy and I can start something that makes kids just as happy and excited as she was.

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