Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Eleven

So last Friday, Lucy and I went the the Cancer Center at St. John and met in person with our mentor Jessica to see where the project stands at the hospital. She told us she is still waiting to hear from the head social worker at Saint John, Arlene. Shes the one that we need to approve our idea. So now it is just a waiting game. 
In the mean time, Lucy and I have been thinking of other back up plans just incase it doesnt work out at St. John. We have the idea of a few other hospitals, or even the thought of running the program through school. Our mentor Jessica gave us the idea of talking to the social worker at our school. So that gives us a few other options on what to do. I just personally hope for our first idea to work out but if not, at least we have a backup plan. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blog 10

With still no response from our metor Jessica, Lucy and I have gotten very antsy when it comes to working on 20Time. We talked to Mr. Provenzano about what our next step should be considering we haven't heard anything from the hospital in about two weeks. We emailed Jessica again to set up another time to meet with her. Hoping that this does all work out and we can start soon. But the end of the year is coming closer and with still no program started, Lucy and I have been looking at different hospitals to start the program at. Of course the Children's Cancer Center and St. John is our first choice, we may have to come up with a plan B if this doesn't get started soon.