Monday, April 20, 2015

blog 12

     A couple weeks ago Lucy and I received  some news that we both were very upset about. We were told that the program was not going to work out and there was not any way for us to do it at St. John. We were bummed. Not only upset that they turned us down, but upset at the fact that we are so late in the game and there is no way to try somewhere else. We just wished we would have known from the start, because the past couple months have felt like a waste of time. We felt like we failed. However, our teacher told us not to look at it like a failure, and just think about how much we accomplished and learn just by doing this. "Failure is an option!!"

      So now its time for Lucy and I to talk about what we have learned through this experienced. These next couple weeks will be time for Lucy and I to reflect on this experience thus far and talk about what it has taught us.